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Castor is one of the world’s top ten oil-seed crops and it is highly competitive in the agriculture environment. Castor cultivation is buoyed by a new wave of worldwide demand for castor oil and so it enjoys great economic potential. Castor oil can resist high combustion levels and has a low consolidation level. As a result of its unique characteristics, it can fulfill the requirements of the aviation industry.

According to the statistics, there are currently 3 million hectares of land that is planted with castor around the world, with 1.5 million tons of castor nuts harvested annually. Unfortunately, the existing demand for castor nuts is not being met. Consequently, castor cultivation and its downstream industries offer tremendous opportunities.

Castor plants play an important role in the agricultural economies because it enables them to earn substantial foreign exchange through export of castor beans and oils. The major castor importing markets are the European Union, the United States, Japan and now, China and Thailand. Castor oil has a worldwide demand that is rising 3 to 5 percent per annum. The world production of castor oil seeds is concentrated in a few countries. Consequently, there are only a few large exporters of castor oil fulfilling a significant portion of world demand.

In recent years , with the rapid development of industrial production and advanced technology are emerging, Castor oil becoming more and more deep-processed products, becoming the people’s concern and as such, the domestic and international market demand for Castor Beans has been in rapid growth in many countries . Castor Oil for biodegradable lubricants, Biofuel and many other applications, with its emissions of gases complying with international environmental standards.

Castor oil is a proven competitor in the industrial chemical markets. It is a critical raw material for the industrial chemical markets. It is practical, natural, renewable and very versatile, and it has been a staple for the Oleo chemical markets for a very long time. Castor oil has been called on to resolve numerous formulating and processing needs because of its unique fatty acid structure.

Strong export demand internationally lifted castor future and made as one of the high demand cash crops nowadays. The company decided to development castor plantation comprehensively in the future by assisting planter involved in castor plantation and impart plantation knowledge plus management experience to them.

Meanwhile, the company planned to expand castor plantation throughout China & ASEAN and dedicated in setup a complete and consistent production chain for castor plantation in sustaining company’s development.

About Us

Castor Oil Tree Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 2010 and is currently undertaking a nationwide and international campaign to promote the planting of the hybrid castor seed with a buy back guarantee and a seed supply contract to the Oil Mills in different parts of the world.

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Our Missions


Our company missions are to facilitate successful development of castor agriculture business through sustainable methods to provide the following:

  • To provide a sustainable community development through castor farming.
  • To provide deliberate and systematic castor oil plantation training for contract farmers.
  • To empower rural farmers through a sustainable farming program with entrepreneurial opportunities and activities.
  • To duplicate the agricultural development model globally.
  • To be the leading castor farming promoter in the world
  • To be the leading castor oil producer

Optimizing Reseach and Development

Our Offer
  • We supply Hybrid Castor Seeds which provide at least 50% oil content
  • We provide technical training and support from plantation to management
  • We provide Contract Buy Back of castor seed harvest

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Our Technology

Our technology is based on extensive research and experienced gained which includes the following Castor Optimal Project (COP):

  • COP Service 1: (preliminary stage)
  • COP Service 2: (preparatory stage)
  • COP Service 3: (pre-plantation stage)
  • COP Service 4: (Plantation stage)

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